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Photography by The Morrisons

Whistler House

Type: Private

Date: 2015

Location: Whistler, BC

Whistler house is perched on a steep slope and surrounded by deciduous trees.  The compact structure is clad in black cedar shingles and treads lightly on the landscape, allowing a large rock outcrop to become a landscape design element under the house.  A low-slung carport replaces the garage and provides a sheltered canopy that extends to the entrance door.  A trapezoidal bridge creates a generous transition space.

Once inside, carefully placed windows frame views into the landscape and surrounding mountains.  The feature stair emphasizes the connection between the earth and the sky while screening views between spaces.  Gentle angles in the roof, stair and walls create a rich layered experience.    The home is compact – 2200 SF – with high-performance wall and window systems.