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Type: Art

Date: 2008

Location: Vancouver, BC

Between 2003-2005 Requiredfield made several public interventions within the public realm of Vancouver. Founded by Jesse Garlick, the art and landscape collective was interested in highlighting the under-utilized spaces of the city. Vacant lots and empty buildings became the sites for creative interventions. 673 tulips placed placed a mysterious band of flowers on a narrow lot in the downtown core. The installation culminated in an “opening” where visitors entered a gap in the chain-link fence to be part of the action. “Park”, and un-built proposal to convert a parking garage into a forested landscape for a day. With the support of the Mountain View Cemetery, “Beacon” temporarily transformed the cemetery into a ocean landscape for a night. “Car Wash” memorialized a site slated for demolition, by creating temporary installations in the car wash booths. Many other small “guerrilla” style plantings occurred on vacant sites throughout the city, where gardeners posed as construction workers, to secretly create geometric patterns in the landscape using only plants and soil.