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Relax Dias

Type: Art

Date: 2008

Location: Cypress

Relax_Dais creates a new type of public territory on the beaches of cyprus. a series of concrete disks, scattered through the landscape, asks the residents and tourists to re- consider how they occupy the tidal zone. These circular stages adapt to a variety of conditions, from land, to rock, to sand, to sea, creating a new archipelago of activities. This new multifunctional zone provides space for beach provisions such as markets, cafes or civic functions, and also the informal activities of the creative public.  At night the platforms transform into a landscape of water and light when the activities of the beach are softly illuminated.

role:  completed with Luis Auturo Garcia|http://www.edaa.mx.  Jesse Garlick and Luis Auturo Garcia collaborated on this competition entry remotely while Jesse was on sabbatical in New York, and Luis was working from his office in Mexico City.