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Family Medicine Port Angeles

Type: Public

Date: 2009

Location: Port Angeles, WA

Firm: Stantec Architecture

Family Medicine Port Angeles is committed to delivering the best possible care for their patients. Part of this commitment involved building a new facility because they were no longer able to meet this goal when operating within a traditional clinic design. They wanted to get rid of the waiting room. They wanted to make a place where the patient becomes “activated” and educated. They wanted to create a space where the care team could work together, with line-of-site communication for everyone. They wanted to get rid of the private offices. And the building they selected to house this new facility: an existing industrial building in downtown Port Angeles Washington. The design upgrades this structure as well as providing a small addition. The solution completely re-interprets the traditional clinic. Instead of patients walking to their exam rooms through corridors that are shared by the doctors and nurses, the workspace is separated into a “back-stage” area, where nurses and doctors can work uninterrupted by distractions. Strongly influenced by “lean” design principles, the architecture is the result of a process focused analysis of the entire patient experience. In addition to rethinking the clinic the design also provided community space for after-hours use, and integrated outpatient services including physiotherapy and x-ray from the local hospital. The architecture prioritized the work environment for nurses and staff, providing daylight to all spaces. Natural materials and finishes supported an interior healing environment, and the site design transformed a drainage swale into a design feature. This project was a true collaboration between architect and client.

Role: completed with previous firm, Stantec Architecture Ltd., Vancouver BC, with O’connor Architects, Bainbridge Island WA. Jesse Garlick was a key member of the project team through design and construction documents.