Team Members

Jesse Garlick started PLATFORM a+d in 2014. Through the past 15 years of working in architecture, Jesse has developed a collaborative approach to design and construction. He has worked as a lead architect on many complex projects from a 15 million dollar school on Vancouver island, to a 25,000 sauna prototype. Through this work he has built lasting relationships with clients, engineers, contractors, realtors, graphic designers and fabricators Рall of whom are seen as possible collaborators for future projects. Jesse’s approach is also informed by the belief that art is essential. He has worked with artists throughout his career. Most recently this has been with Vancouver independent theatre community where he has been creating set and installation designs for local performance. But he also has his own large format photography practice, and a keen interest in the visual arts.
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Recent Collaborators

McFarland Marceau Architects (Vancouver)
Stantec Architecture (Vancouver)
Nicolson Tamaki Architects (Vancouver)
Arne Henriksen Architecture (Oslo)
Conseil Scolaire Francophone
School District 39 Vancouver
Health Canada
Nazko First Nation
Tsartlip First Nation
Federation of Russian Canadians
Equilibrium Consulting (Structural)
MCW Consulting formerly Perez Engineering (Mechanical)
Rocky Point Engineering (Mechanical)
MMM Group (Electrical)
Jarvis Engineering (Electrical)
Nicola Logworks (timber fabricator/builder)
Radix Theatre Society
Theatre Replacement
Leakey Heaven Theatre
Battery Opera
My House Community Arts