PLATFORM approaches each project by first identifying the client’s needs. Assessment criteria include the financial, functional and aesthetic objectives. This assessment influences both the project scope and the choice of additional collaborators. The design is then developed through a detailed process involving documentation of existing/known conditions, analysis, experimentation and refinement in order to meet the project objectives and demonstrate code compliance. Finally, construction documents are produced in order to communicate the design objectives and form the basis for a contract between the builder and owner. During construction, PLATFORM works collaboratively with both the owner and builder(s) to achieve the desired results.

Professional Services

PLATFORM a+d provides professional architectural design services for:

  • Pre-design, feasibility studies, and site evaluations
  • Municipal applications including rezoning, development permits and building permit applications.
  • Architectural design services from concept through to construction documents
  • Construction services including field reviews and project management.

Artistic Collaborations

At PLATFORM, we believe that the arts are essential to the way we understand the world. As such, artistic collaborations are an important part of our practice. Most commonly these projects involve small scale installations within the Vancouver area, although opportunities for larger public art projects will also be pursued.

Typical projects include:

  • Concept development for visual and performing arts projects
  • Detailed set and installation design, including integration with lighting, sound and projection


PLATFORM has expertise in the following areas:

  • Off-grid residential design and construction
  • Community focused institutional buildings including schools, community centres and health centres.
  • Mixed use residential design and planning
  • Wood technology and building systems.
  • High performance building design.
  • Patient-focused health care design for primary care centres.